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Roller Painting: Toddler Art Made Easy

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Paint rollers are one of the best art supplies for kids. With some effortless pushing across a canvas (or drop cloth in this case) kids get maximum color impact.


They cover a lot of ground really easily and since it’s one simple motion kids can get it very easily without any instruction, and it tends to be addicting, giving you more time to watch and enjoy the peaceful discovery.

Yesterday the northeast got hit by winter storm Stella. We thought we were in the clear and onto spring until this lovely episode of snow showed up. It really is lovely, but I think everyone’s ready for summer.

Since it’s way too cold and icy to go outside I decided to bust out the rollers. We didn’t have any canvas or big pieces of paper so I thought why not just have Pearl paint the drop cloth we use all the time? It was already on the table, so all I had to get out was a tray to dip the paint in and the rollers and let her go to work. It was so easy and a really fun activity to pass the morning away.

I love using neon paints since they tend to go really well together and add some punch to any project. I got these giant tubes of washable tempera paint a while back to use on our Valentine’s Day wooden hearts and they looked so cute. I asked if Pearl wanted to use the rollers and she said “Yesss!” So we got them out and had a ball.

After Pearl covered the table and was getting over the rollers I thought it might be fun to try a new tool and got out this big paintbrush. I dropped little spots of blue so she could roll them out, then with the green I asked her to point to where she wanted them to go. Then she went around brushing them out with these really great confident swipes.

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Rollers are always fun for art projects or for just messing around on a rainy day. Here are the ones I bought on Amazon. Try them out and let me know what you think! I love reading your comments and seeing what others learn in the process.

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