children's books

Pearl’s Picks: Amy Wilson Sanger’s World Snacks Series

When you're a city nanny, you spend a lot of time at the library. The Boston Public Library was the nation's first library established in 1848 and is one of the most visited sites in the city for its sheer beauty. The number of branches here also make it difficult to walk a child home without them asking to… Continue reading Pearl’s Picks: Amy Wilson Sanger’s World Snacks Series

Arts and crafts

Playgroup Fun: Rainbow Spaghetti Party

Rainbow spaghetti is probably one of my favorite group activities. I first did it when I was teaching a baby art class right before I started caregiving Pearl. There's something just so whimsical and delightful about a huge batch of vivid rainbow spaghetti. What usually happens is the kids come in and stare at it in… Continue reading Playgroup Fun: Rainbow Spaghetti Party