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Washi Tape Fashion Accessories

Pearl is obsessed with tape. If she’s ever in a bad mood tape always brightens her spirits.

She’s been fighting a cold for the past week so we’ve been taking it easy. Less time at the playground means more time in the play room, which I don’t mind at all. When Pearl stumbled upon the tape she asked me to help rip it off. She first put the first stripe onto her stomach. Then another, and another.

I realized she was making a sort of washi tape belt. It was so cute and spontaneous we ran with it.

Tape border of her dress.


Tape anklets.


Tape hippie headband!


She even made me wear one. “Coco wear it.”


It would be so fun one day to put on a white dress and just cover her with tape. The great part is since it’s only tape there’s no mess, and she can take it on and off, letting the process go on and on.


She kept asking what the tape said. I loved hearing her say “Be bold, be brave, be you!”


Maybe sometime we can have our neighborhood friends over for a washi tape party to take these accessories further.


Have you tried playing with washi tape yet?

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