Arts and crafts

Gorgeous Light Boxes for Play

I love these beautiful light boxes. They are gorgeous and so inviting. There's something special about playing in the dark, too, that feels intimate and is a great way to bond with your little tot. Ever notice how just being in a room with people and a Christmas tree somehow makes you feel warm and… Continue reading Gorgeous Light Boxes for Play

Arts and crafts

Process Art for Toddlers: Cardboard Birthday Cake

There's no shortage of uses for cardboard in my life.Β I always like to steal aΒ box or two out of the recycled bin for a new project. Fortunately, Pearl's parents received three packages all gradually larger in size just in time to make her a birthday cake...that's right. AΒ cardboard birthday cake. A couple of weeks ago… Continue reading Process Art for Toddlers: Cardboard Birthday Cake

early childhood education

Why Reggio Emilia?

I keep seeing the term Reggio-inspired. What does that mean? The term Reggio-inspired is a hot topic on the Internet, particularly among early childhood educators. The Reggio Emilia Approach is a unique school of thought that originated in Italy in response to Mussolini's dictatorship. A group of mothers and children decided to found their own school by creating… Continue reading Why Reggio Emilia?