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Gorgeous Light Boxes for Play

I love these beautiful light boxes. They are gorgeous and so inviting. There’s something special about playing in the dark, too, that feels intimate and is a great way to bond with your little tot. Ever notice how just being in a room with people and a Christmas tree somehow makes you feel warm and close to them? It’s the same thing with light boxes.


For the light box (also known as light tables), all you need is a storage bin and last year’s Christmas lights– make sure they work! Our bin has a clear top. I tried to find the one with a white top to help disperse the light, but the store down the street didn’t have one. So we just used the clear bin. A bin like this would work great.



Attach the lights and place them in the box. You’ll need to set up your box near an outlet. You can drill a hole in the bin for the plug to come out, or just let the plug slip through the top if you can.

Scavenge the house for anything colored but somewhat transparent. I found these beautiful mosaic tiles in different shapes, $1.99 per bag, in the glass/mirror section at Michael’s. I can’t find the tag with the brand name but some tiles like this would be perfectly fine. You want glass tiles so that the light shines through, backlighting it.

For more advanced learners you could ask them to make an image or landscape with the tiles.


Since they’re glass, the tiles were perfect for handling. The hardiness and the weight helped Pearl practice manipulation. She loved stacking them up. They’re a great way to play with shapes, color identification, and color mixing.

We love this light box for some artistic fun. It’s a great activity before and after naps, or on sick days when energy is low but you want to engage in learning.

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